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LANGSTROTH - Q8 - Queen Mating Complete Beehive

LANGSTROTH - Q8 - Queen Mating Complete Beehive
LANGSTROTH - Q8 - Queen Mating Complete Beehive
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  • Model: 008-002-011
  • Weight: 15.50kg
  • Dimensions: 54.00cm x 42.00cm x 44.00cm
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The Q8 mating hive is specially designed with internal additions that divide the interior of the hive into eight sections, in each section a folding frame is placed to accommodate the hatching queen until she makes her nuptial journey.

To feed these 8 queens and their bees, we place on the roof of the frames, a specially designed feeder that consists of two sections, to place the liquid food in one section and the sugar dough in the other.

It includes special doors for the bees to enter and exit and they are placed with 8 holes as many as the swarms with their queens and are made around the perimeter and at different heights to make it easier for the queens and the bees to find the right entrance.

Also, each entrance has a folding flight board (rested on a joint), it has a different color to identify the correct landing position and when necessary it closes and safely traps the bee so that we can transport it to another point.t.

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